The main focus of the article is aimed at setting up the proper environment of an IT project which targets innovative results. The article mirrors the authors’ professional experience in the field of IT project management and exposes theoretical knowledge sifted by the business environment rigors. Traditional IT project environment is depicted and key factors are highlighted. The basic framework of an innovative IT project is defined and the critical aspects are emphasized. Two major aspects are identified as being fundamental for innovative IT projects: the management system and human resources. Management system requirements are enunciated. A comprehensive solution for the management system is submitted. Methods of human resources management and setup are presented. The adequate solution for human resources management in innovative IT projects is analyzed. Human resources metrics and indicators are presented in order to justify and formalize the proposed solution. Quality assurance processes and best practices are introduced. The methods, information, data and solutions presented throughout the article are summarized. A complete and unitary solution is compiled for developing the proper environment of an innovative IT project. In order to access the full paper please contact the author using the Contact form.