The paper is focused on analysing the difference between the concepts of innovation and invention in terms of trends and evolution. The research is centred on innovation with invention being a benchmark for validating results. An economic perspective regarding the differences between invention and innovation is presented. The differences between the two concepts are also analysed from a legal point of view. The number of references to the concept of innovation, made into a large corpus of books, is analysed from an evolutionary perspective. The concept of invention is also analysed in terms of number of occurrences in books. A pattern is drafted for both innovation and invention. The paper tackles the interest shown by the online community in innovation compared to the interested showed in invention. Relevant data sets depict the world’s most interested online communities in innovation and invention. Online communities are analysed by country and by city. Online communities’ interest in innovation and invention is measured using statistics regarding Google searches. Events that triggered picks in interest shown towards one concept or the other are identified and portrayed. Data from relevant reports that are publicly available is presented. Access full paper here.