The article is centered on quality assurance in innovative software development projects. The field of quality management is parsed and leading trends and methods are highlighted. The quality assurance analysis will start by tackling generic innovative processes, will then switch to the more particular field of innovative software development projects and will finally dissect an actual innovative online e-learning platform. Innovative processes are defined and proper quality criteria are submitted. Only project based processes will constitute the object of the article. Quality planning and quality control are depicted in the context of innovative processes. The importance of quality planning is emphasized. Tools and methods for quality control are described. The role of the project manager in planning and implementing quality control is disclosed. Quality assurance is translated into a particular innovative process type: software development projects. Quality assessing metrics are defined and tested using data from an actual software development project. Quality improvement methods are proposed. A software development project that targets online e-learning platforms is submitted for analysis. E-learning software solutions are presented as ideal environments for implementing and testing quality control practices. The purpose of online e-learning platforms is highlighted. Quality assessment is presented from the perspective of meeting user expectations. Quality control is depicted as a benchmark for standards and specifications compliance. For e-learning platforms quality is put into balance with costs and profit margins. Methods of increasing quality in e-learning software development projects are enunciated. As a conclusion a comprehensive picture of managing quality in software development projects is formulated. In order to access the full paper please contact the author using the Contact form.