This paper focuses on resource management in the context of innovative software development projects. The research process is aimed at identifying key aspects of resource management. Research hypothesis are formulated based on previous experiences in managing software development projects. Financial resource management is analysed and expenditures proprietary to software development projects are highlighted. The human resources factor is depicted as the most significant cost of a software development project but also the entity responsible for creativity and innovation. Time management is illustrated as a meaningful activity of the project manager that imposes restrictions and influences all other resources. An indicator for estimating a project’s timeframe is submitted for analysis. Dedicated software tools are presented with the purpose of submitting viable alternatives to traditional project management instruments. Tools for time management are presented. A tool for analysing trends using Google search frequency is showcased. Hypotheses are validated and the results of the research process are formalized and summarized. In order to access the full paper please contact the author using the Contact form.